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AIS Award

We are thrilled to be the recipients of the 2019 Association of Information Systems Outreach Practice Publication Award.

Our worldwide research into the availability and adoption of robotic process and cognitive automation technologies, along with compiling a huge number of case studies from a variety of industry sectors, has enabled us to produce, up to the end of 2019, four books. Our aim was always to ensure that the publications we produce are an unbiased, research-based, rigorous and objective look at the changing face of service automation and the future of work.

The series of books for which we were fortunate enough to receive this award consists of:

We are extremely pleased that these books have enabled our research to be presented in a form that is useful to both adoptees of the various service automation technologies, and the RPA & CA tool vendors.

Our most recent book, Becoming Strategic with Robotic Process Automation, co-authored with John Hindle (Knowledge Capital Partners), represents the next—and slightly unexpected—stage in our research. Technology rarely develops in way or speed that you expect. Robotic Process and Cognitive Automations are no exception! Read our blog entry on Robotic Process Automation: Past and Prospects 5to get some interesting background information and thoughts about the future.


Leslie & Mary

About the AIS Award

The AIS Outreach Practice Publication Award was created to recognize members who successfully transfer research to practitioner audiences in practice-based publications.

The winner of the Outreach Practice Publication Award will be determined by a volunteer committee of AIS members representing a variety of stakeholders in the community, as appointed by the VP of Publications.

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