Ideas in Action—Going Digital

Ideas in Action—Going Digital Videos

This is a series of 5–10 minute videos, presented by Professor Leslie Willcocks, looking at the current and future ideas, trends and technologies utilised by companies 'going digital' in the ever-changing business world.

Ideas in Action No.1: Post-COVID Responses
Ideas in Action No.2: Too Good to be False?
Ideas in Action No.3: Robo-Apocalypse or Robo-Utopia?
Ideas in Action No.4—Digitalised Flexible Organisations
Ideas in Action No.5: Stages of Growth Models—Do They Work?
Ideas in Action No.6: Four Sources of Digital Growth
Ideas in Action No.7: Digital Culture
Ideas in Action No.8: Managing Beyond The Technological Quick Fix
Ideas in Action No.9: Maximising Value of Automation and Digital Technologies
Ideas in Action No.10: A Digital Blindspot